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Nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, Atlanta Guitar Works offers exceptional guitar building and repair instruction. Housing is included with program fee for an intensive guitar repair and building experience. The 6 week session is designed to prepare each student for a career in the Guitar Repair and Building Industry.

All of our Instructors are professional guitar builders and repairmen. Whether your goal is to build your dream guitar or become a Professional Luthier, we can show you how. Your success is our business.


or call Brian 404-245-4527

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Can You Make A Living Repairing Guitars?

Typical day at S.E. Guitar Repair

Only if you're good.


The Instructors

Gary Moore

Master builder Gary Moore will help you bring your ideas to life. He has built and assisted in the construction of hundreds of custom guitars. His mastery of the Industrial Arts, patience and practicality make him the best guitar building instructor you can find anywhere.


Brian Malone

Owner of Atlanta Guitar Works. Brian has been a professional luthier for over 15 years. He started as an apprentice at the old Mars Music. He had to hit the ground running in a busy guitar repair shop in a big retail store. With mechanical inclination, patience, self-motivation and bulldog tenacity he has become one of the best luthier's in the Southeast. Brian will be teaching and runnig the day to day operations of AGW..



Atlanta Guitar Works is the fulfillment of a goal to teach the art of guitar repair and guitar building to fellow guitar enthusiest and students. AGW is really a small guitar manufacturing plant. Students are welcome to come along for the ride and learn in 6 weeks what took us decades of blood, sweat and tears to learn. You will leave with 2 custom guitars that you build from scratch.







  Atlanta Guitar Works

Atlanta Guitar Works Building and Repair was created by a handful of seasoned professional luthiers to teach the art of guitar building and repair.

Call Brian @ 404-245-4527

for prices and class space. We are located in Snellville Georgia.



Custom Guitars and Basses generally cost between $3000 and $6000.

This is Marek's first attempt.



Our 6-week, 300 hour guitar building and repair course includes housing at the Luthier's Lodge, cable tv, internet, and utilities.

Session Application and Schedule


Call Brian 404-245-4527





Lodging is in a nice house near the school that we refer to as the Luthier's Lodge..


There is designated storage areas for food, clothes,

and personal items of each student.


The fruits of our labor.

Where did you get that guitar?

I built it.





This a suggested tool list to attend lutherie school and use for a career afterward.
It is not necessary to have any tools to attend the class. 

* = provided for the course


Chromatic Tuner .*


Ruler- 6 inch with 1/32 and 1/64 increments*.

String winder*.

Feeler gauge.*

Hex key sets.  Standard 3/16 to 1/16 (plus .050) and Metric 5mm to 1.5mm round end hex key sets.*


Assorted philips and slotted screwdrivers #00 - #2*

Nut and saddle vise (stew-mac)*

Nut slot string spacing ruler*

Set of good Nut files* (sizes .012-.046 are included with course) you may want to get the

.050-.060 and the bass nut file set if you can.

6 inch fret leveler.*

Fret tang nipper

6 inch wire cutter pliers*

Neck rest*

Good micro file set*

fret puller pliers*

Assorted T- handle truss rod wrenches. (allen wrenches and socket set included in class will cover most)

Digital calipers

150 grit Offset Diamond fret crowning file – Stewart-Mcdonald  #5053.

Fret slot cleaning tool

4 Sloan Bridge clamps

Brace jacks

Nut seating files

Bridge removal spatula

Micro chisels

3 piece inspection mirror

Cabinet scraper blades

Multi meter*

Bridge hole saw

Bridge pin hole reamer

2- step end pin jack reamer.

Knob puller.

Fret bevel File.*

24'' Fingerboard leveling steel tube bar.

Small dead blow hammer.*

Variable speed Dremel tool.

Stew-Mac #1180 fret slot cleaning bits.

Stew-Mac #5260 Precision Router base.

Cam clamps and clamps of any sort.

Pick up routing templates.*
































 Our new location:

1874 Webb Gin House Road

Snellville GA 30078

Imagine working on guitars for a living. Old Martins, Les Pauls, Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters. You can learn to make them sing.

Become The Next Christian Martin, Leo Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Bob Taylor, George Gruhn....

They all started at the beginning.


The Program is suited to serve the complete novice to the seasoned repairman. You will learn the secrets of the buzz-free refret and fretdress. But even if you do not know how to restring and tune a guitar that is where we start.

The six week guitar building and repair session consist of over 300 hours of supervised hands on instruction.

Construction instruction 150 class hours.

Repair instruction 150 class hours.

Generally, repair instruction is in the morning

and construction in the afternoon and evening.


Week One-


Orientation and Introduction

Arranging your workbench.

Discussion of you guitar designs.

Introduction to acoustic and electric guitar parts terminology

Discussion of available guitar hardware.

Drawing a design to scale.


Tone wood and tool shopping trip.

Tool orientation and construction of lutherie tools.


Introduction to wood re sawing and dimension sanding.

Finishing scale drawings.

Begin template construction


Introduction to proper restringing and tuning.

Professional guitar setup

Diagnosis of common and complex guitar problems.



Glue class.

Wood joining and glue up.

Continuation of Set up instruction.




Start first guitar build.

Floyd rose floating tremolo setup.

Bone nut construction.




Day 6:

All day building.




Day 7:

Free day. Shop closed


Week 2


:Introduction to refretting



Fret dressing your refret

Bone nut and saddle construction.

Start of 2nd Guitar

Introduction to acoustic guitar construction and setup

Free shop time at night starting in week 2.


Electrics soldering class

Electrical troubleshooting.

Using and understanding schematics

Soldering practice

Bone nut and saddle practice.

Free shop time at night



Emphasis on improving construction of second guitar.

Neck construction

Bridge placement and scale length



Wood hydration..

Guitar cracks causes and cures.

Broken headstock repairs.

Continuation of custom guitars construction and finishing.


Advanced lutherie tools.

Construction of jigs, templates, and machines.

Acoustic Guitar Refret

Bone nut and saddle construction.


Pickup Winding and Construction

Fretdress Acoustic Guitar

Bass nut materials and construction

Bass pickups and electronics




Day 14 Rest you arm. Shop closed


Week 3

Bolt on neck and neck-through construction

Dremel tool instruction and practice.

Continuation of custom guitars construction and finishing.



Fingerboard construction

Saddle slotting


Vintage guitar repair.


Bluegrass night!

The small home shop

Alternative materials

Unassisted troubleshooting and diagnosis.

Test on suggested remedies.

Working speed.

Methodical thoroughness

Bridge construction and repair


Day 21:

Shop closed.


Week 4:

Fretting 1st custom guitar.

Bridge construction, and repair.

routing for pickups and electrics.


Fret dressing custom guitar.

Lacquer and oil finish

Adding hardware and electrics to 1st. guitar.

Bone nut and setup 1st custom guitar.

Playing the first guitar.


Acoustic guitar pickup install.

Broken headstock repair instruction.

Crack and loose brace repair


Day 28:

Shop closed


Week 5


Archtop and hollow body rewiring.

Continuation of custom guitars construction and finishing.






Finishing 2nd custom guitar

Personal guitar repairs

Adding hardware and electrics to 2nd custom guitar.


Day 35:

Shop Closed


Week 6

This is the final week.

Complete any unfinished projects

Build Lutherie tools for your shop.


Day 41:

Graduation Day




This truly is the Best Job in the World











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